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Patanjali Abhyaristh 450 ml

Patanjali Abhyaristh 450 ml is a clinically proven Ayurvedic formulation that boosts your digestive system and eliminates toxins from your body. It is prepared from natural extracts that have laxative properties and induce peristaltic movements thus making evacuation of bowels pain-free.

Patanjali Arjunarishth – 450ML

Patanjali Arjunarisht is a classical Ayurvedic herbal tonic prepared from the bark of Terminalia arjuna tree.

Patanjali Ashokaristh 450 ml

Patanjali Ashokaristh 450 ml cures gynecological disorders like excessive bleeding, abdominal pain, post-partum infections, mucus discharge, irregular menstruation, etc. Ashokaristh has antibacterial properties which helps to eliminate the root causes of infections.

Patanjali Ashwagandharishta 450 ml

Patanjali Ashwagandharishta 450 ml Patanjali Ashwagandharishta 450 ml combines the best natural extracts to boost your brain and nervous system.

Patanjali Dashmularishta 450 ml

Patanjali Dashmularishta 450 ml is a potent formulation for women. It combines the goodness of dashmool with other herbs and natural extracts. Dashmularishta cures post-partum and uterine infections, general weakness in women and resolves lactation issues.